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Story image 1: Judy and Andrew create for fun and money
Story image 2: Creating at home was lonely, so we made an awesome place to make stuff together
Story image 3: It had to match our values (light, play-ethic, empowering, joyful...)
Story image 4: It had to be a wonderful space (includes map of venue, details of facilities including tools, fast Internet, snacks, hot drinks...)
Story image 5: It had to attract other excellent humans who love to create (includes list of who might be interested, including retirees, corporate refugees, academics, freelancers and hobbyists)
Story image 6: We write, paint, and code, but we want a wide variety of creators to join us (includes image representing a broad variety of creation domains, including knitting, sewing, programming, painting, music, beading, fashion design...)
Story image 8: We've made something we think is really special. We'd love for you to join us in our quest to dream big about how we spend our lives, learn broadly and deeply, find like-minded people, and create every day. (Text is on big, colourful, decorative background)
Story image 9: Pay us a visit. (Includes hand-crafted map to 91 Oxford Rd and map links to our landline and e-mail contact details.)
Map image - links to Google Maps Map image - links to Google Maps E-mail address - Telephone number - 011 327 6098
Story image 11: Image map contains links to the news blog and to current event details.
Link to news blog Link to current events details