Regular Writers’ Tea at Better

The Writer’s Tea at Better is a fun morning for all sorts of writers who want to be more regular in their writing practice.

Meet with other regular writers, bloggers, journalists, poets and other creatives. Enjoy tea – and coffee and cake – while you chat, share what you are working on, seek inspiration and support, and swap writing practices with other writers. It’s informal and casual. You can just hang out and listen if you are shy.

After tea, we have some activity. Participate in a writing exercise devised by a member of the group. We have written collaborative stories, played with memories in the first and third person, and written to music. Stretch yourself by trying something new! Bring a notebook and pen with you. Want to see what it’s all about? Here are some pics. (and follow us on Instagram!)

You can also stay and write! This is your time to add words to your current book, blog-post, short story or poem, in a comfortable, wi-fi enabled space. You will be surrounded by other heads-down writers who understand the importance of writing regularly.

The Regular Writer’s Tea happens every Friday morning from 10:00 to 12:00.

  • FREE for Better members
  • R50 for non-members – Writer’s Tea
  • R150 for non-members – Writer’s tea and write for the day at Better

No need to book for this one, just come along and pay at the door. We take cash or credit cards.

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15 thoughts on “Regular Writers’ Tea at Better

    1. Our next Regular Writer’s Tea will be this Friday, the 17th Feb from 10 am to 12 noon at Better (91 Oxford Road). Bring along a notebook and your favourite pen. Look forward to seeing you there!

  1. Hi, do you hold similar events on a weekend? Would absolutely love to come…but work.

    1. Hi Phathu,

      Sorry, not at the moment. We do have occasional evening events and Saturday workshops. Watch the events page for those. We also run a great course on planning a freelance career, for those who want to escape the kind of work that limits your life to weekends 😉


    1. Hi Neo,

      We’d love to have you join us. The Regular Writer’s Tea runs every Friday. Just drop in. Come early if you want to sit a work on some writing beforehand, or join us at 10:30 for a more social tea and chat.


  2. Are these sessions open to all ages. My 13 yr old is a keen writer , would love for her to join tomorrow. I will accompany her.

    1. Dear Neroesjke,

      Sorry, no. While we love children, Better is a place for being productive. In our experience, children are not conducive to productivity. It’s also more complex for us to provide an environment that is safe for children. So you must be 18 years or older to be a member of Better and to be at Better.


    1. Yes, Diana.
      We meet every Friday from 10am. Do come and join us. We are exploring different formats, so this Friday (14th July) we are asking people to bring along something they are writing and to share their goal for the writing with the group. You might be looking to publish, for feedback etc. We will share ideas to help you get to that goal.

  3. Hi Judy,

    WOW! Better looks GREAT, and as a writer (yet to be published… oi vey!) AND as a programmer Better as a HOME from my work from home world (long lonely hours…) truly seems inspiring…

    Regarding the writers workshop…

    Still ongoing?


    1. Hi Hendrik,

      Glad you like our space. We’d love to have you come and work here. The Regular Writer’s Tea happens every Friday morning. Do come along and join us. We have a workshop on self-publishing coming up later this month that might interest you too.

      Looking forward to meeting you.


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