Help us to design the Better space

Are you doing solitary creative work? Are you a writer, artist, programmer, data wrangler, crafter, freelancer or other type of free agent?

Your idea of a good job is one that works for you. You have escaped the corporate shackles to create a better life for yourself and to create a better world through your art, music, writing or craft. You believe it is better to produce than to consume. Creating brings you joy, and you are loving the freedom, but it would be better if your ideas could rub up against other ideas and if there were people to share with.

You could go to a bar, or a lecture, or join the local woman’s institute, but isn’t there something better? A friendly, comfortable place with space for working and relaxing, where you can drop in for company or just a change of scenery to wake up the snoozing muses? A place where other creative people get together to share ideas about their work, making it, making life work and making the world a better place.

Good ideas get better when they come into contact with other good ideas. Independent work is better when you can share the process with other good people. We want to create a better place where great people, who are redefining work, can drop in to chat, to share ideas and to work.

Help us design a better space.