A place for writers to retreat to

I (Judy) work a lot with writers, mostly in the academic space. I’ve facilitated a lot of writing retreats where we get together and write. At the most recent retreat a colleague was pondering why it is that he can be so much more productive when surrounded by other writers, than when he works by himself at home. This sparked quite a discussion.

Even though the uninterrupted space at home seems like a good place to work, it is easy to get distracted, to go and put the laundry on, then to hang it up, then to decide that the dishwasher must be stacked, the path must be swept. It is easier to procrastinate.

Being in a room with other writers, all working together, makes it easier. The fact that everyone else is writing inspires you to do the same. There is a cameraderie, and some social pressure, that keeps you working. There are also fewer distractions to support your procrastination.

When you get stuck, you can discuss whatever is tripping you up over coffee with the next writer. There are shared suggestions as to how to get unstuck. I’ve seen people share resources, contacts and simply empathy. Writing together is better and Better hopes to be a space to facilitate this and other creative activities.

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